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Holistic health is a diverse field of alternative medicine that considers the whole person — physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual renewal — in a quest for optimal health, healing and wellness. Mel Casey,LMT provides Holistic Healing Services to help individuals overcome spiritual, emotional, mental and physical ailments to achieve life balance and well-being through specialized healing, medicines, and soul work with remote online sessions available to help people worldwide. Combining traditional healthcare methodologies with holistic medicine, Melvin provides healing, intuitive council and healing through virtual sessions.



Chakra Balancing

Chakra Clearing and Balancing at Supreme Transformation. Why is Chakra Balancing important? What are chakras? There is vital energy centers located along our spine known as chakras from ancient Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disk.” The chakras connect our mind-body-spirit. They are the core inner programs that direct our life and generate the situations in our life. What causes our chakras to be blocked? Certain patterns, belief systems, habits, deep negative emotions and thoughts have caused our life to become unproductive and unhealthy. When our chakras are blocked, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. This is why Chakra Healing is important.

Energy flows through the chakra system in two ways. It flows up and down along our central channel, base of spine to top of head, connecting the chakras. It also flows horizontally, in an exchange of energy with the environment. The upward current is about expressing freedom and expansion. The downward current activates awareness, communication, relationship, energy and connection. If the chakras become under active, the upward and downward currents will become affected. Some examples are chronic illness, being stuck in a relationship pattern, addiction or an old habit, which is why it’s important to activate your chakras. Mel Casey will assess whether your chakras are balanced and healthy.


Healing Touch

You Will Feel: Like a weight has been released Lighter Energized Renewal Self Empowered Refreshed Ready to take on the world Each session will relax your mind and elevate your senses.

Energy healing service provided by Mel Casey is a transforming healing process that renews and improves a person’s health and well-being. The root of many temptations in this world stem from negative energy, which cause failures and struggles in our everyday lives. When a person is having difficulties with being happy, successful and positive, the root cause of negative energy can be emotional, spiritual or physical. Negative energies can be at the essence of emotional problems such as fear, anger and depression. Negative energies can also be at the essence of ailments and diseases such as allergies, terminal illness, arthritis, skin issues and others. Negative energies can be at the essence of addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and codependency. With the process of energy healing — Mel Casey helps take these negative energies, attachments, and spiritual forces, and causes them to release, creating and improving your energy and well-being.



Antojai Energy Healing

Antojai aka quantum reiki is a form of vibrational healing that uses quantum energies to promote balance within the human subconscious. 

Antojai works with the subtle vibrational field that surrounds the body to introduce cleansing energy to the conscious, subconscious, and astral portions of the human experience. 

Antojai is a non-manipulative touch technique to a clothed recipient. You can only get Antojai treatments from a professional, or you can learn it if you're a avid Reiki Master.


Antojai enhances your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. It can penetrate the deepest portions of the subconscious mind to experience a true release from underlying patterns and traumas. The list of Antojai's benefits has been comprised through anecdotal and statistical research.

Antojai is a powerful assistant on your spiritual path. It can help with manifestations, ascension, and developing ones authentic self.

Melvin evaluates emotional blockages, dysfunctional energy patterns, and how they are affecting the physical body. This clearing work promotes healing of emotional, mental, spiritual and many physical challenges.


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