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  • We can issue an HSA/FSA receipt for insurance if you provide a doctors note with a diagnosis code
  • Discounts cannot be combined
  • Therapists may only accept gratuities in cash or zelle,
  • Prices do not include taxes
  • We have a 24-hour cancellation policy that applies to day of moves, reschedules, and no shows. We charge the full price for missed appointments, please don’t make us.
  • Have more questions? Call us at 201-668-8088
Healing Sessions

Our Therapeutic Service Prices

Half Hour
(30 minutes) - $40.00
One Hour
(60 minutes) - $75.00
One Hour and Thirty
(90 minutes) - $100.00

Energy Healing (Reiki/Chakra Balancing, Rising Star)
One Hour (60 minutes) - $85.00
One Hour and Half (90 minutes) - $110.00

Cryo t-Shock/Ultra Cavitation 
One session (60 minutes) - $400.00
Three sessions (60 minutes) - $1,200.00

Please call for appointments within 1 hour *gratuities may only be left in cash or zelle


*Our packages are designed as a frequent flyer program, not as a discount. They last for 6 months, once used cannot be extended, refunded or shared. We LOVE helping people come more frequently but please do not buy a package if you do not intend to come once a month. Packages can include massages, stretch,facials or cryo and cavitation therapy and are non refundable once used, cannot be combined with discounts.

30 minute package of 5 =$ 165.00 ($10 off each massage, stretch or facial)

60 minute  package of 5 = $340.00 ($10 off each massage, stretch or facial)

90 minute  package of 5 = $490.00 ($10 off each massage or facial)

60 minute package of 5= $1,800.00 ( $ 200.00 off each Cryo T-Shock or Ultra Cavitation)


We are committed to not selling treatment you do not need. We are often asked what is a ‘normal massage’ schedule. Many people come in as needed when they have a flair up. If you are coming in to manage an issue, it is normal to need a few visits. One time a month is typical for maintenance. We see people either one time a week, or one time every two weeks when working with an issue. We then space treatment out over time as things improve with the goal of discharging you. Please ask your therapist about what is right for you.

Lateness and Full Cancellation Policy
  • Clients are allowed a 5 minute grace period, after that we will call and find out if you are on your way.
  • Please call us if you know you are running late, so that we might help you manage the situation.
  • You are responsible for your appointment times, we cannot guarantee reminders due to your inbox settings and the changing landscape of google.
  • Our cancellation policy applies to day of appointments as well, because you are blocking another person from that slot. You will be charged 100% of the fee. Once you take it, it is yours.
  • If you cancel within 24 hrs of your appointment you will be charged 100% of the fee.
  • If you arrive late, we will try our best to accommodate you, but your appointment is tied to a time slot, we cannot go into the next slot, you will be charged 100% of the fee.
  • If you need to reschedule day of, it is considered a cancellation, and you will be charged 100% of the fee.
  • Your appointments are reserved for you and only you, and attached to the appointed time. We have these policies in order to provide you with the best possible service. Thank you for understanding. We have a GREAT customer service team, if you have issues, let us know. .

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